The Deserve It Program has three components based on the philosophies and techniques found in the book Dream It, Believe It, Deserve It.

Dream It:  Establish a Clear vision of your ideal life.

At Deserve It Incorporated, we do not distinguish between your ideal personal life and ideal business life. We are dedicated to maximizing every aspect of your life. Therefore, anytime we reference your ideal life, we are referring to your personal life and/or your organization.

Your ideal life can only be achieved when you know exactly what it looks like. No changes, improvements or advancements can be made until you have a clear vision of your ideal life. Do not misunderstand, you can make changes to your life or business without a clear vision, but much like embarking on a journey without a destination, you may not like where you end up.

You can only create your ideal life by answering questions such as: 

  • What is truly important to me? 
  • What must exist in my life to consider myself truly successful? 
  • What am I prepared, and not prepared to sacrifice in order to make my dreams a reality.

You must be willing to look within yourself and answer some difficult questions. Together with your Deserve It Coach, you will establish your vision of your ideal life. Once your vision exists you will progress to the next component of our program,

Believe It:  Believe Your Ideal Life Is Already A Reality.

Having a dream of a better life is not enough to make lasting changes. Many people hope and dream of a better life for themselves without ever realizing those dreams.

Your Deserve It Coach will help you create your Dream Blueprint. Your Dream Blueprint is a clear and precise document outlining everything that must exist in your life to consider yourself truly successful. This document will clarify every aspect of your life.

Once your vision and Dream Blueprint exist you can refer to it for any challenge, decision or opportunity that comes your way. Belief comes from identifying what you want, what you must do, and knowing you will do it, regardless of the challenges you face on the way to success.

The final component of this program is to actually make your ideal life a reality through your effort, energy, and time. Simply put, Deserve It.

Deserve It:  Do everything necessary to deserve your ideal life, starting today.

Deserve It requires you to take action. You have established your vision of your ideal life, you have built a Dream Blueprint and consider your ideal life to be a reality. It is now up to you to create that future and deserve it to become reality.

Do not misunderstand what we mean when we say you must Deserve your ideal life. In no way, do we suggest that some people deserve their ideal lives and others do not. Everyone has the right and potential to live their ideal life.

What we mean by Deserve It is the willingness to actually do everything necessary to make your ideal life a reality. If you would like to learn more about the Deserve It Program or book a Deserve It Coach please contact us today.

We are ready to help you identify and achieve your ideal life.