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February 16, 2018
Forbes.com article: The Amazing Power of ‘I Don’t’ vs ‘I Can’t’
Author: Heidi Grant Halvorson

If you are in the process of creating new habits, or removing old habits, I strongly encourage you to read this article. It does an excellent job of explaining the psychological difference between telling yourself, I don't verse I can't. 

November 14, 2017
TED Talk Summary:
TED Talk Name: What I Learned Serving Time for a Crime I didn’t Commit
Date Posted: November 13, 2017
Twitter: @TEDTalks
Facebook: @TED
TED Web Link:  Click Here 

Speaker: Teresa Njoroge
Twitter: @CleanStartKenya
Facebook: Teresa Njoroge
Web Link: http://cleanstart.co.ke/
Company: Clean Start

Core Takeaways:

  1. Teresa Njoroge was incarcerated for a crime that she did not commit in her country of Kenya in 2011
  2. She experienced great hardship during her arrest, court proceedings, and imprisonment.
  3. During her sentence she took the time to learn the stories of her fellow inmates. She probed into their history, background, and reasons for their imprisonment.
  4. Rather than being disheartened by her experience, Teresa left prison with a “burning conviction” to make a difference in the lives of the women and girls incarcerated in her country; To be a champion of change and social justice in her community.
  5. Teresa’s burning conviction lead her to start the organization Clean Start; A social enterprise that proves training, skills, tools and support to incarcerated women. Clean Start helps women to leave prison with a changed mindset, positive behaviors, and mental attitudes.
  6. Not only does Clean Start provide training, skills, tools, and support, but they also connected with the corporate sector to promote employment opportunities, job training, and housing to women leaving prison.
  7. Teresa embodies the line of Maya Angelou “I come as one but I stand as ten thousand”.
  8. She Is now cleared by the Court of Appeal of any wrongdoing!

Deserve It Principles:
Teresa’s TED Talk touches upon many Deserve It principles, however, there is only one that I wish to present to you for consideration.

The Equivalent Benefit:
The Equivalent Benefit is a Deserve It principle taken directly from Napoleon Hill. To paraphrase, The Equivalent Benefit states that every failure, defeat, or pain carries with it, the seed of an equivalent benefit. Moments of great adversity often have unexpected, and unpredictable positive outcomes. People who approach adversity with the right mental attitude often treat it as a blessing. It is only by going through their adversity that they ended up where they are now.

Teresa embodies the Equivalent Benefit because her experience inspired her to create an organization that positively impacts the lives of imprisoned women in her country, and countless individuals who hear her story. Her efforts will shape this world in ways that we cannot imagine. Through great adversity Teresa has emerged as a champion to those who had no voice.

I am honored to share her story!

If you learn anything from Teresa's Story:
It is completely up to you to decide how you will respond to difficult situations in your life. If you make up your mind to find the Equivalent Benefit to every difficulty, defeat, or pain in your life, I promise that you will eventually discover it. Teresa did not wish for wrongful imprisonment, but she turned her experience into a benefit for countless others. If she can turn her situation into a benefit, so can you!

November 5, 2017
Podcast Name: Lisa Bodell on Embracing Simplicity
Date Posted: November 2, 2017
Host: Josh Ellis
Twitter: @josh_ellis11
Facebook: @SUCCESSmagazine
Podcast Web Link: www.success.com/sections/success-talks

Guest: Lisa Bodell
Twitter: @LisaBodell
Facebook: @futurethinktank
Guest Web Link: http://futurethink.com/

Podcast Summary:
Lisa Bodell is a delightful guest of Josh Ellis. Her clear and easy to understand insights on how simplicity can positively impact your life and business will be a valuable investment of your time. Lisa’s principles and philosophies can be summarized in one simple phrase: “It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing meaningful.” If you want to learn the value of simplifying your life / organization, and some techniques to get you started, then I advise you to listen to this podcast.

Core Takeaways:

  1. Definition of Simplicity: Simplicity is a subtractive process: Minimize things, get rid of things, and streamline; Then make things more understandable and clear. Lastly, make actions repeatable so they can be done continuously.
  2. Simplicity makes you, your team, and/or organization more accessible: If you or your message is simple and easy to understand, then it will be easy for others to understand you.
  3. Transparency equals trust: If you, or your message is easy to understand then it is easy for others to trust you or your organization.
  4. The Four Myths of Simplicity:
    1. Myth 1: Don’t confuse simplicity with minimalism or organizing: Simplicity is not about getting more done on your ‘to do’ list, its about whats on your ‘to do’ list in the first place. Spend time doing things of value, not just doing ‘things’.
    2. Myth 2: People try to tackle things that are too big: Start with day-to-day tasks to simplify. Small simplifications often lead to big changes.
    3. Myth 3: When something is organized, it is simplified: Organization does not necessarily equate to simplicity. Things can still be complex and organized at the same time.
    4. Myth 4: Simplicity is a project: Simplicity is an operating principle; A way that you work. The goal is to make simplicity a habit and a part of everyday work.
  5. Simplification is about spending your time on things of value: Get rid of meaningless things in your life to make room for meaningful things. It’s not about doing more, it’s about doing meaningful.
  6. Simple technique to start your simplification process:
    1. Write down what are the things you spend your day doing… What do I wish I had more time to do… Why is there a gap… if I had to force myself, what could I get rid of?  Toxic people…? obligations…? Things I think I should do...? need to do...? Things you do to avoid hurting someones feelings. Things that may help others, but not necessarily help you.
  7. People are very good at saying what they don’t want to do, but not great at saying exactly what they do want to do.
  8. Simplicity equates to less wasted time. Less explaining, less meetings, less needless communication.
  9. Create a code of conduct to help kill complexity: Complexity typically exists to control behaviors. Be open and honest about what behaviors you want more of, and less of, and create a code of conduct that encourages positive behaviors, and reduces, or eliminates, negative behaviors.
  10. Lisa’s definition of Success: “Success is being able to spend my time on the things that I value most.”

Deserve It Principles:
There are many ways in which Lisa Bodell expresses principles similar to Dream It Believe It Deserve It. The ones that stand out the most are:
Define What Is Truly Important To You & Clearly Define What Success Means To You: Lisa’s simplification philosophies of doing meaningful, and identifying what you truly want to be doing with your time are very relevant to the mastery of these two principles.
Send Out Your Desires With Clear Expectations: This principle explains that if you communicate your dreams, goals, and desires clearly with the expectation of a positive result, you are likely to succeed. Everything about Lisa’s message is about being simple and clear.
Avoid Negativity & Choose The People You Spend Time With Carefully: These principles relate to Lisa’s principles of removing toxic individuals from your life, removing unnecessary obligations, and choosing to spend your time doing the things that you want to do.
Time Management: A significant portion of Deserve It is devoted to identifying strategies do less of what you don’t like or what is not important, and more of what is truly important.

If you learn anything from this podcast:
Spend your time on things of meaning and value. Remove anything else whenever possible.

November 1, 2017

Podcast Name: Super Soul Conversations
Episode: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
Date Posted: Oct 25, 2017
Host: Oprah Winfrey
Twitter: @Oprah
Facebook: @oprahwinfrey
Podcast Web Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/oprahs-supersoul-conversations/id1264843400?mt=2

Guest: Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Twitter: @drmichaelbb
Guest Web Link: https://www.agapelive.com/

Podcast Summary:
In this podcast, Oprah Winfrey helps her guest Dr. Michael B. Bechwith summarize his fundamental teachings and philosophies of spiritual growth in just over 30 minutes. The depth and value of the information I took from this interview filled two pages in my notebook. Even if you are not a spiritual individual, there is value you can take from this podcast. Dr. Bechwith is passionate about his faith, but he presents it in a non-judgmental, and warm way; You should not be turned off by his words in the event that you are not spiritual or practice a certain religion. If you want to get a new perspective on the path to mental and spiritual growth, then I encourage you to listen to this podcast.

Core Takeaways:

  1. Dr. Bechwith discusses the importance of creating a Life Vision for ourselves. A Life Vision is a clear mental image of what we want our future to be, accompanied with passionate feeling towards it being a reality. Dr. Benchwith wants you to passionately dream and believe in your Life vision at all times, but especially during times of struggle.
  2. During times of struggle is the most important time to ask yourself empowering questions and dream of a better future for yourself. Ask questions like:
    “What is trying to emerge in my life?”
    “What is my gift to share?”
    “What is my purpose?”
    “Why am I here on the planet?”
    As Dr. Benchwith explains it, the universe will answer any question you ask it with sincerity. If you sincerely desire answers to empowering questions such as these, “The universe will answer these questions in a language you can understand…There will be inner prompting. Intuitive hits, nudges, signs, symbols, dreams…” It is up to you to be ready to receive these answers.
  3. During difficult situations, people often ask themselves dis-empowering questions. Questions such as:
    “Whats wrong?”
    “Whose to blame?”
    “Why me?”
    Unfortunately, the universe will also answer those questions. The answers will typically be painful, and have not value towards improving your situation or life in general.
  4. Agape follows the teachings of Jesus, but embraces all the great faiths. Dr. Benchwith explains that when you go ‘deep enough’ into all the great faiths, there are not ‘contradictions’. All the great faiths are fundamentally similar.
  5. Dr. Benchwith describes that each individual must participate in what he calls ‘unfolding’. You have something ‘unique, might, and magnificent’ within you, and it is your job to ‘let it unfold’. If you ask the right questions and are open to receiving the answers, then it is up to you to accept the answers and act upon them. Otherwise, your life will never experience lasting positive changes.
  6. You must give up resistance to your circumstances. You must accept your circumstances as they are. If you are not satisfied with your current circumstances then you express exactly how you would like them to change with sincerity. Once expressed, expect answers to come and be ready to act on them when they do.
  7. There are 4 Stages to Spiritual Growth:
    Eliminate Victim Consciousness: Accept that your life is not the result of anyone else. You played a role in everything that exists in your life.
    Manifest The Life You Want: Vividly and passionately see the kind of life you want to live.
    Be A Channel: Be mentally ready to create the life you want by taking advantage of the ‘inner prompting’ you receive.
    Feel Connected: Understand that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself and that you can take advantage of these universal principles to live the life you want.
  8. Pain pushes until the vision pulls: It is often pain that prompts you to want to make changes in your life. Often, people do not commit to making changes in their life until the pain is too much to bear staying the same. That’s when real commitment to making positive change happens.
  9. You have to like yourself when you are by yourself: You must come to terms with who you are. If you do not like something about yourself, then you are responsible for changing it. As well, you should not let possessions or individuals in your life dictate your emotions.
  10. We are either in reaction or choice: It is up to you to choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions toward situations. Never simply react your life’s circumstances, choose to make a positive outcome from any circumstance.

Deserve It Principles:
I do not profess to be to be spiritually enlightened in any way, however, I am proud to state that many of the teachings of Dr. Michael B. Beckwith are completely in line with the principles of Dream It Believe It Deserve It. The very first Believe It principle is Establish a Clear Vision of Your Ideal Life; which is extremely similar to Dr. Beckwith’s principle of Life Visioning. In addition, the Believe It Principle called Vivid Imaging is virtually identical to how Life Visioning is described. Dr. Bechwith expresses the importance of asking empowering questions, my entire book is dedicated to helping you ask the right questions and build a plan to make your ideal life a reality. I describe in great detail the importance of asking the right questions, expecting answers in the form of opportunities and inspiration, and being prepared to act on those opportunities when they present themselves. These are fundimental principles of Deserve It and completely in line with the 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth. There are so many Deserve It principles that reflect the teachings of Dr. Bechwith that I cannot list them all. I can only say that if you are inspired by his teachings then you will enjoy the insights found in Dream It Believe It Deserve It.

If you learn anything from this podcast:
Decide exactly what positive changes you want to make with your life and expect solutions, answers, and ideas to present themselves to you in a form that you will understand. Then make sure you are the right person at the time of their arrival to act on them, and make positive changes to your life!

October 25, 2017

Podcast Name: Your Life of Impact
Podcast Title: Bonus Episode. Resilience, Adversity and Legacy. Brett Robbo Interviewed on the Marty Vids Show
Date Posted: October 19, 2017
Host: Brett Robinson
Twitter: @BrettRobboCobar
Facebook: Brett Robbo
Podcast Web Link: http://yourlifeofimpact.com/brettrobbobonus1/

Guest Interviewer: Marty Vids
Twitter: @vidsmarty
Facebook: Marty Vids
Guest Web Link: http://www.martyvids.com.au/

Podcast Summary:
In this episode of Your Life of Impact, Brett Robbo becomes the guest on his own show. Inviting guest host Marty Vids to interview him opens Brett up to discussing subjects he probably would not have discussed if he hosted his own biographical podcast. If you want to understand the mindset of someone who coaches Paralympic athletes to world championships, the mindset of champions, and techniques for overcoming tragedy, adversity, and pain, then I encourage you to listen to this podcast.

Core Takeaways:

  1. Pursuing the things you are passionate about can lead you to your life’s purpose: Brett’s story does not state that his goal was to go from athlete to athletic therapist, to coach, and then to life coach and professional podcaster. However, by pursuing opportunities in areas that he was passionate about, he eventually came to understand what he truly wanted to do with his life.
  2. You have the power to grow from tragedy: Brett suffered a great tragedy in his life which put his mental health in jeopardy. A trained professional told Brett that “he will be more whole after going through this experience”. This statement shifted Brett’s mindset towards the tragedy and he decided to create a positive outcome from the tragedy.
  3. Reach out for support: When faced with great adversity, tragedy, or defeat, it is critical that you reach out to positive individuals for support.
  4. Anger does not help anything: When dealing with adversity, tragedy, or defeat, anger does not help in any way. It is okay to feel negative emotions for a limited period of time, but at some point you must recognize that there are no benefits to feeling negative emotions.
  5. Shift away from negative emotions by expressing gratitude: instead of focusing on why you deserve to feel bad, focus on all the reasons you are grateful for your past experiences. You cannot change the past, but you can change your mental attitude.
  6. Connect with people with empathy, compassion, and understanding in every situation:
  7. Achievement starts with setting your goal and then start from the beginning to design a step-by-step plan to make your goal a reality. You must master each step before progressing to the next one. Steps to achievement include mental and physical.
  8. Becoming a champion is all about mindset and mental resiliency.
  9. Champions are willing to push themselves beyond what most people can tolerate both mentally and physically, that’s what sets them apart from the rest.
  10. Giving is living.

Deserve It Principles:
Brett’s beliefs, values, and techniques follow many of the core principles of Dream It Believe It Deserve It. One of the most important principles of Deserve It is The Equivalent Benefit. The equivalent benefit states that “Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” Napoleon Hill. In his own way, Brett has decided to create a benefit from a tremendous tragedy. You will have to listen to understand more. Controlling your emotions is another core Deserve It Principle which Brett describes when talking about shifting from anger to gratitude. When listening to Brett, I keep going back to the principle, Be the Person Who Deserves It. In his own life and his work with athletes and clients, Brett deserves his success, and helps others to deserve theirs as well. Lastly, Brett describes the fundamentals of Dream It Believe It Deserve it by helping his clients set goals and then start from the beginning to determine, step-by-step, exactly what must be done to achieve those goals.

If you learn anything from this podcast:
If you learn anything from this podcast it’s that you can grow stronger by experiencing, processing, and overcoming tragedy and adversity. You must never let a tragedy define who you are, or stop you from living up to your true potential. Acknowledge your tragedy / adversity, grieve for an appropriate amount of time, then decide to make the tragedy mean something. Decide to become greater than the tragedy, create an equivalent benefit from it.

Thank you for sharing your champion mindset and understanding of tragedy with us Brett!

October 21, 2017

Podcast Name:  How This Astronaut Survived Going Blind In Space & Tools for Crushing Fear with Chris Hadfield
Date Posted:  October 19, 2017
Host:  Matt Bodnar
Twitter:  @mattbodnar
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ScienceSuccessPodcast/
Podcast Web Link:  The Science of Success with Chris Hadfield

Guest:  Chris Hadfield
Twitter:  @Cmdr_Hadfield
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/AstronautChrisHadfield/
Guest Web Link:  http://chrishadfield.ca/

Podcast Summary:  In this Science of Success interview, Matt Bodnar does an excellent job of getting Commander Chris Hadfield to summarize some of his core principles in under 53 minutes. If you want to gain insight on how to achieve your dreams, deal with adversity, and reduce stress, and fear in your life then you should invest your time in listening to this podcast.

Core Takeaways:

  1. Commander Hadfield explains that success comes as a result of having an “unquenchable burning desire” a “huge amount of work” and a little luck.
  2. Do not visualize success, visualize failure. Determine what is likely to go wrong on your path to success and practice dealing with each failure one by one until you know you are prepared for it when it arrives.
  3. Planning and preparation for what can go wrong is critical. Commander Hadfield was able to overcome the peril of blindness in space because him and his colleagues practiced handling an incapacitated team member during a spacewalk several times in advance.
  4. People experience fear in their lives when they experience situations they are not prepared for. If you prepare yourself in advance for dealing with any adversity that will likely come your way, you can eliminate fear because you have already practiced handling that adversity.
  5. “Things aren’t scary, but people are scared” Commander Hadfield explains that a ‘thing’, or situation, is not scary in of itself, it is our interpretation of that ‘thing’, or situation that creates the fear.
  6. Fear is a signal that you need to do more planning and preparation or you need to stop doing whatever is causing the fear.
  7. Practice and preparation eliminates fear. You cannot change the situation, but you can change yourself.
  8. You must know what you should be afraid of. The better you know what you should fear, the better you can prepare yourself to confront it.
  9. ‘Aim to be a zero’, Commander Hadfield explains that when you are entering any situation you are not intimately familiar with, your goal should be to have no initial impact on that situation. Until you are certain you can positively contribute to the situation, your goal should be to learn first, then positively contribute.
  10. You must deserve your success through deliberate goal setting, planning, preparation, and patience.

Deserve It Principles:  Commander Hadfield’s history of becoming an astronaut is the perfect example of Dream It, Believe It, Deserve It. Deciding he wanted to be an astronaut at the age of 10, Commander Hadfield created a Clear Vision of his Ideal Life. Then he created his Dream Blueprint by determining all the steps required to qualify him to be an astronaut. Then he invested his effort, energy, and time into deserving to becoming an astronaut. He got his engineering degree, became a pilot, then a test pilot, and only then did he qualify to be accepted as an astronaut. He then spent 20 years in the astronaut program, planning, training, and preparing, before he got the chance to work on the International Space Station.

If you learn anything from this podcast you should understand what it truly takes to make your dreams a reality. Dreams are not achieved through wishing, hoping, or luck. Dreams are achieved by knowing exactly what you want, (Dream It) knowing that you will make your dreams a reality regardless of the adversity that comes your way, (Believe It) and by taking deliberate action to deserve your dreams in advance (Deserve It).

Thank you for sharing your perspectives on success and fear Commander Hadfield; and thank you Matt for conducting such a great interview! 

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October 20, 2017

Deserve It Podcast Summary:
Podcast Name:  Why Getting Fired Is a Blessing
Date Posted:  October 17, 2017
Host:  Tom Bilyeu
Twitter:  @tombilyeu
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tombilyeu/
Podcast Web Link:  http://impacttheory.com/episode/sarah-robb-ohagan/

Guest:  Sarah Robb O'Hagan
Twitter:  @ExtremeSRO
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ExtremeSarah/
Guest Web Link: https://extremeyou.com/sarah-robb-ohagan/

Podcast Summary: I just had the pleasure of listening to this exchange between Tom Bilyeu and Sarah Robb O'Hagan. Sarah has a no-nonsense approach to business and does an excellent job articulating her ideas of achievement, leadership, and success. If you are interested in getting a fresh perspective on getting ahead by learning from adversity and hard work, then you should definitely listen to this podcast.

Core Takeaways:

  1. Don't Half Ass It. If you are going to go for it, give it everything you have.
  2. Don't be afraid to fail - Learn and Grow.
  3. Be willing to 'step out of line'.
  4. Push Yourself - Step out of your Comfort Zone
  5. Be Authentic - Don't try to be something you're not.
  6. Ask others for honesty.
  7. Commit to your values, communicate them, and live by them.
  8. Admit failures, accept them, and learn from them.
  9. Take advantage of opportunities that you have the ability to take advantage of.
  10. Make opportunities for yourself.
  11. Pursue your dreams, not those of anyone else.
  12. Success has no shortcuts and no handouts. You will be fulfilled if you achieve it by your own steam.

Deserve It Principles: during her talk with Tom Bilyeu, Sarah Robb O'Hagan articulated many of the fundamental principles of Deserve It. My favorite story from this podcast is when she maxed out her credit cards to move to New York and join the Virgin organization. Upon arrival at Virgin, she was notified that the individual who hired her was no longer employed with the organization. Realizing that her job offer was not likely to be honored, Sarah spent a sleepless weekend drafting a marketing plan and organizational structure for Virgin and slipped it under the President’s door. Not only was she hired for her efforts, but she was promoted! Now that’s Deserve It!

Sarah faced her adversity head on and decided to deserve an opportunity with Virgin in advance, by providing the president with value before she was even employed. Your ability to achieve success in this life is largely based on how much value you bring to those around you. However, you must demonstrate your value first, before anyone will even contemplate how much you are worth.

If you learn anything from this podcast, it is that you must Deserve you success in advance, you must be the person who deserves opportunities, and the person who seizes opportunities when they present themselves. In the absence of opportunities, you must create them!

Thank you for sharing your story Sarah; You deserve your success!

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